“As Sue looked into her mirror, she felt the world stop for just a brief moment as she admired her reflection – she looks stunning in this dress.

Her dress was smooth, chic and trimmed to just the right length; showing the perfect amount of skin to be sexy and professional, but not too stifling. The lace finishes were almost reminiscent of lingerie, like the ones Becky was showing to her last weekend over those few glasses of wine. Sue laughed at her brief fantasy of wearing something as racy as lingerie to work, but she did find herself feeling more mischievous than usual in this dress. She does look pretty amazing today, after all.

She gave a little twirl in front of the mirror; she felt light, weightless even like she could very well perform ballet dressed in this silk if she so desired. (not that she knew how to dance) The fabric breathed freely through Sue as she found herself striking poses, admiring her flawless angles.

It was 8 am and it was time to start heading to work. Sparing one last look into the mirror, Sue imagined her co-workers asking about her weekend; their eyes aglow with admiration. She thought about Jacob finally asking her out with his flawless smile, maybe with some naughtiness in his gaze. Finally, she envisioned herself finally getting that promotion – before realizing she was dwelling a teensy bit too far into her daydream.

A small smile playing on her lips, she took up her briefcase and boldly stepped out onto the world; Sue was ready for another day, for another adventure.”